This should be fun. Very little attention has been paid to the fact that this 9HD service is going to use MPEG-4 compression. While the same programming will be broadcast in SD MPEG-2 there are sure to be plenty of viewers out there with older MPEG-2 TV’s and STB’s wanting to know why they cannot view 9HD especially as NINE has been plugging this for the Adelaide Test match which starts the following day. This is what NINE are saying

Nine on their website and on air are saying TV’s will need a retune. We at SCITEQ are not so sure this will be necessary. The recent experience with Seven adding their channel 78 racing channel was that our workshop TV’s and STB’s all started listing 78 without a retune. We think the same with happen with 9HD. The problem as we see it is viewers with MPEG2 TV’s not understanding why they will not be able to watch 9HD.

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