Ikusi ONE118 Programmable Amplification Headend

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Ikusi ONE118 Programmable Amplification Headend

The ONE118, ONESAT and ONEHOME models are programmable amplification headends
designed to selectively filter analogue and digital UHF channels. Suitable for single-family and
collective dwellings, they are the ideal solution for managing signals of different frequencies
and bandwidths.
FM and VHF signals are also amplified.
Individual adjustment of each frequency filter, number of channels and automatic gain control
allows for level equalize of selected channels.

-Self-installation function.
-All settings are automatically memorised.
-No external programmer required, programmed directly from the headend.
-Reprogrammable as many times as required.
-10 tuneable UHF filters with the capacity to process 1 to 5 channels each.
Signal processing:
– Terrestrial inputs with low noise figure (< 6 dB).
– Satellite input with low noise figure (< 9 dB).
– Automatic signal level equalisation.
– Automatic gain control.

Equipment locking by security code.
Dimensions : 290 mm x 240 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 2 kg

ONE118 (see data sheet in page 20)
Recommended for small and medium-sized installations made up of 10 UHF filters delivering an
output level of 118 dBμV.
J Inputs:
-5 terrestrial inputs = BI-FM, BIII-DAB, UHF1, UHF2, UHF3
– BI-FM gain = 35 dB
– BIII-DAB gain = 40 dB
– UHF gain = 55 dB
– Outputs:
– 1 TV output
– 1 Test output
– VHF/UHF output level = 118 dBµV 1
1 IMD3-60 dB, DIN 45004B (see channel reduction table in Technical Annex



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