Earthquake ACS3.0 3″ Ceiling Speaker

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Earthquake ACS3.0 3″ Ceiling Speaker

The new ACS 3.0 In-Ceiling speakers were designed to produce audiophile quality sound from a compact package. These tiny speakers can effortlessly produce full sound that will impress you.

With its resemblance to ceiling recessed lights, paintable grille and frame, the ACS 3.0 can easily blend to its surrounding. 

Whether you want background/ambient music or practical enhancement to your surround sound, the ACS 3.0 In-Ceiling speakers are the ideal speakers for the job.


Compact design with paintable grille and frame to easily blend with the surroundings
Push terminals
Frequency Range: 150Hz – 21kHz
Sensitivity: 85dB
Comes completed with mounting clips for a snappy installation
Physical diameter: 80.5mm
Cut-out hole: Ø74mm
Mounting depth: 60mm


Model nr.: ASC3.0
EAN:0 068975 900572
Power Handling 45 Watts
Frequency Response 150Hz – 20kHz
Woofer 2”
Voice Coil Single 8-Ohm
Overall IP 22 / 2X
Solid particle protection IPX5
Liquid ingress protection IPX2
Mechanical impact resistance IPX7 -/V/O

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Weight 0.5 kg