Fracarro 6E512_F Band 3 VHF 6 element Aerial

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The Fracarro 6E512_F Band 3 VHF 6 element Aerial

This antenna is ideal for cities and towns where TV is transmitted on VHF Band 3. This now includes all Australian mainland capital cities.


Elements:                         6
Band:                                3
Australian Channels:    6-12
Bandwidth:                     174-230MHz
Maximum Gain:            10dB
Front-to-back ratio:     18dB
Return loss:                   -12dB
Beamwidth (-3dB):      ±28°
Windload at 120km/h: 3.0kgs (29.43N)
Connector:                     F Type
Impedance:                   75ohm
Maximum mast diameter: 60mm
Dimension:                   181x82cm


Individually boxed in “fluoro tube” type carton
Individual weight: 0.96kgs

Large carton contains 20 pieces
Large carton weight: 20.2kgs

Assembly required

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

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