Ikusi HTL-ST2 DVBS2 to COFDM Transmodulator


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Please note the Ikusi HTL-ST2 has been replaced by the HTL-STC – please follow the link here

Ikusi HTL-ST2 DVBS2 to COFDM Transmodulator

This Ikusi HTL-ST2 Tranmodulator can convert a DVBS2 satellite signal to a DVBT Terrestrial Video Signal. Combine this unit with a VAST 8 Channel Professional CAMs and you can convert VAST to a DVBT signal for distribution around a camp or high density remote locations.

The HTL-ST2 transmodulator is a product which is designed and manufactured with Ikusi’s own technology, given the increasing need for complex channel grids in hotels, with multiple
inputs which increase the density of channels handled by each module.


• Places the selected services of two DVB-S/S2  satellite transponders of the FI-Sat band in two  DVB-T channels of the 51-858 MHz band. The module input connection is software configurable (“loop” or “dual input”) and is equipped with DiSEqC function, meaning each module can be tuned at two satellite frequencies with different polarities.Each transmodulator includes a Web server.
• The HTL-ST2headend can be used to create channel grids and manage them remotely, providing a fully customisable grid without the need for on-site intervention. Used to manage multiple headends from a single point for efficient maintenance.
• Pre-reserve channels:Envisages a future increase in channels, meaning the television sets have them in their lists and do not need to be retuned in the future.
• Separation audios:Sends a video service with several different languages or audios using the same space as for an RF channel. The television present “a programme” for each language, avoiding the need for the user to choose “language” with the remote control.
• Independent output channels:The two COFDM channels can be distributed in any part of the 51-858 MHz band.
• Remote or local web interface connection.The HTL-ST2 transmodulator is compatible with the application for PC:“IKUSI HEADEND DISCOVERY” (can be downloaded from www.ikusi.tv).
This tool allows the installer to detect the headend modules without having to modify the PC network card.
• The step-by-step Wizardcan be used to quickly and straightforwardly configure the headend. Once the polarity and satellite input frequency are set, the wizard shows the services available
and proposes an output frequencies plan. To configure the required services, simply click on them to place them at the output.
• Manual configuration. Any parameter can be modified simply from the web interface using the “drag and drop” option.

Model: HTL-ST2
Ref.: 3858

Standard: EN 300 421 DVB-S EN 302 307 DVB-S2
Nº of inputs: 2 polarities or 1 polarity + Loopthrough
Frequency band: MHz 950 – 2150
Fitted with DiSEqC (v. 1.08): No limit on number of polarities. Can use more satellites and remotely change the required channels
Max nº of decrypted programmes Variable (depending on CAM)
Input level -65…-25 dBm (DVB-S) -70…-25 dBm (DVB-S2)
Input loop gain  0 (±1)dB
AFC pull-in range  ±5MHz
Input Symbol rate: 2 … 45 MS/s (DVB-S), 8 … 45 MS/s (DVB-S2)

TS Processing
PSI/SI adaptation: Generating and inserting tables PAT, PMT, CAT, SDT, NIT, TOT and BAT
NIT adaptation: Yes (generated automatically)
SDT adaptation: Yes (configurable name input)
TS monitoring: Yes
Processing LCN, TDT, TOT:  Yes

Nº of outputs: 2
Frequency band:  51 – 858 MHz
Operation modes: 2K ; 8K
MER: > 40dB
Output level: 80dBμV
Adjustable output level:  -15dB
Modulation formats: QPSK ; 16QAM ; 64QAM
Code ratio: 1/2 , 2/3 , 3/4 , 5/6 , 7/8
Guard interval: 1/4 , 1/8 , 1/16 , 1/32
Output bandwidth:  6 / 7 / 8MHz
Output loop step attenuation:  1.1dB
Frequency stability: ≤ ±30ppm

Configuration: PC. Web, Ikusi Headend Discovery
Firmware upgrade: Web interface
Supply voltage: +12VDC
Consumption: 1.6A (no CAM)
Operation temperature:  0 … +45°C
Common interface: 1 slot (EN50221)
IKUNET Bus Connector: 2x RJ45
Dimensions:  230 x 195 x 32mm



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