Kingray KCC-110 Channel Processor

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Kingray KCC-110 Channel Processor

The Kingray KCC-110 Channel Processor is the most advanced channel converter/processor available. Whether the KCC-110 is being used to output the same channel as it’s input channel (processing) or a different output channel to it’s input channel (converting), it is capable of adjacent channel operation on both input and output.

Superior adjacent channel performance due to double saw filtering
Stand alone of 19 inch rack mountable
Very high MER level, up to 36dB
Programmable via any computer with ethernet connection
Input AGC circuitry
Programmable via USB when using as a stand alone module
High linearity and low phase noise
Remote control capability via KLA-110 with a VPN
Adjustable output power level control
Precision engineered di-cast housing
Resultion 125kHz steps
Adjustable bandwidth

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