Odrok RG11 Flooded Coaxial Cable


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The Odrok RG11 Flooded Coaxial Cable is for when long cable runs and low signal loss is required come on wooden reel 305m (1000′)

Cable Construction
1) Conductor: Copper Clad Steel: ф 1.63mm (25%)
2) Insulation: Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene: ф 7.11mm
3) First Shielding: Bonded Aluminum / Polyester Foil
4) First Braiding: 96 x 0.15mm Aluminium (60%)
5) Second Shielding: Aluminum / Polyester Foil
6) Second Braiding: 96 x 0.15 Aluminium (45%) & GEL
7) PVC Jacket : 10.34mm

Electrical Data
Impedance: 75Ohm ±3
Capacitance: 52pF/m
Velocity of Propagation: 85%
Return Loss
5-1000MHz: >22dB
1000-2000MHz: >20dB
Screening Effectiveness
5-1000MHz: >95dB

Max Attenuation (@20°C)
0005MHz:  1.25dB/100m
0055MHz:  3.15dB/100m
0187MHz:  5.70dB/100m
0400MHz:  8.53dB/100m
0500MHz:  9.50dB/100m
0750MHz: 11.90dB/100m
1000MHz: 14.20dB/100m
1500MHz: 16.80dB/100m
1800MHz: 18.65dB/100m
2200MHz: 20.75dB/100m
3000MHz: 24.95dB/100m

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