Ikusi NBS-804 Terrestrial Broadband Amplifier



Ikusi NBS-804 Terrestrial Broadband Amplifier

The new Ikusi NBS-804  is a Multi Input high gain terrestrial TV amplifier.

High-power broadband amplifiers, for terrestrial signals in small installations.
4 inputs: BI/FM-BIII/DAB-2xUHF ; 1 output
Input attenuators interstage.
Powered by switching power supply, in removable box.
By inserting a bridge, you can select the cutoff frequency low-pass filter in the upper UHF,
switchable between 862 MHz and 790 MHz.
Power passing to input.
Zamak housing with protective cover for adjustment potentiometers.
F Connectors. Wall fixing and indoor mounting. Grounding terminal.

Model: NBS-804
Ikusi Ref: 3532
Input: 4  –  1 x B1/FM, 1 x B3/DAB, 2 x UHF
Frequency Range: B1: 45-112MHz, B3: 174-240MHz, UHF: 470-862MHz
Gain: B1: 42dB, B3: 42dB, UHF: 45dB (x2)
Gain Adjustment: 0-18dB
Slope Control: N/A
Response flatness: B1: ±2dB, B3: ±2dB, UHF: ±1.5 dB
Output: 1
Output test: -30dB
RF Output Level: 118dBμV (DIN-45004B IMD -60 dB)
Noise Figure: B1:7dB, B3: 7dB, UHF:8dB
I/O Return Loss: 10dB
Voltage/Current preamp mast: UHF: 12-24V / 100mA
Mains supply voltage :240VAC (+10%  -15%)
Consumption: 11W
Dimension: 230 x 145 x 43 mm

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Weight 4 kg