About Us

Sciteq Pty Ltd was founded by Peter Merrett in 1987 to supply equipment to the Satellite TVRO industry. Since then we’ve expanded our product and service range, including Terrestrial and MATV equipment, CCTV & Data  Products.

In 2016 we moved to our new premises in Gnangara.

Sciteq is a distributor for Ikusi, Sanus, GME Kingray, Digitek, Doss, Wintal, Pro2, Hills, Fracarro,  Tiandy

Sciteq is also a Certified Gold Partner for Hikvision (Security Cameras, Network Video Recorder and Accessories).

We are also currently stocking products from

Satking, Altech UEC, Strong, Fracarro, Jonsa, Zinwell, Azure Shine and Hanlong Tools.

Our Gnangara office & warehouse

Our Staff

Col Foster

Col has worked at Sciteq since 2003. Col has spent his career as a RF Technician. In the 60’s and 70’s he worked at NASA’s Carnarvon Tracking station with Peter.

Matt Ilich

Matt has been with Sciteq since 2005 and is our satellite reception and MATV specialist.

Daniel Merrett

Daniel started at Sciteq in 1999 and handles our accounts and sales.

Graeme Milligan

Graeme has been our warehouse manager since 2004.

Peter Merrett

Peter started Sciteq Pty Ltd in 1987. A radio technician by trade Peter started in the industry with Col at the NASA tracking station in Carnarvon. Peter handles our international purchasing and import logistics.

Ivan Malnar

Ivan has been with Sciteq since 2009. A electronics repair technicians by trade, Ivan handles our repairs and installations.