Satlink ST-6510 Quad Input HDMI Modulator


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Satlink ST-6510 Quad Input HDMI Modulator


This quad input high definition MPEG-4 RF modulator is a fully featured network controllable modulator. The unit has 4 separate HDMI inputs that are multiplexed into one 7MHz carrier. You can also either let the unit define the channel name, number and frequency or you can program your preferred settings. Simple to set up the unit comes pre-set for use in Australia. Perfect for use in hotels, clubs, homes and security.


4 HDMI Inputs
MPEG-4 H.264 High Definition
Fully Agile
Adjustable Output Level 90-105dBuV
MER 36dB
Programmable Channel, Network Names & LCN
Front Panel Controls & Web interface
19″ Rack Mountable
HDCP Supported


Width: 480mm
Height: 45mm
Depth: 180mm
Weight: 2kgs
Output Connections: RF, LAN
Input Connections: 4x HDMI
Loop Through Capability: No
IR Capability: No
Video Input: HDMI
Power: 240VAC mode
Output Channels: 6-69
Output Connector: F Type
Output Level: 70-100 dBuV
Carrier: 2K,8K
MER: 36dB
Video Resolution: 1080p Max
Package Includes:

1x Modulator
1x Power Cable
1x Instruction Disk



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