Triax 305371 TMP 5×8 Stand alone Active Multiswitch – 4SAT+1TER+PSU / 8 Outputs – LTE protected



● Stand Alone Multiswitches for 5-cable systems. Distribution of 4 Sat-IF polarizations and 1 Terrestrial signal to 8, 12 or 16 users of satellite receivers.
● Active SAT and TERR. Continuous gain adjustment.
● SAT path supplied from the users’ receivers. IF polarization switching by voltage/tone.
● TERR path supplied from separate DC input or from phantom power on the SAT H inputs. Indicator led.
● Sheet metal housing. Indoor mounting. Wall fixing.

Triax 305371 TMP 5×8 Stand alone Active Multiswitch – 4SAT+1TER+PSU / 8 Outputs – LTE protected

Triax 5×8 Multiswitch 305371, TMP Series Stand Alone 5-Wire Active Mains Powered Multi-switches . Ideal for home distribution of Free to Air and PAY-TV satellite services.

  • 4 Satellite Polarities and 1 Terrestrial Input with combined outputs
  • 8 Outputs
  • Signal level controls on all inputs
  • LTE Protected
  • Compact design
  • Colour coded connections
  • Mains powered with built in switch mode power supply for optimum performance
  • Supplied with input and output earth bond bars

Also available in 16 output


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