Acer LNBF 10.7GHz LNBQU-LC Quad Output



Acer LNBF 10.7GHz LNBQU-LC Quad Output

The Acer LNBF 10.7GHz LNBQU-LC Quad Output is a Foxtel approved product for multi receiver applications including VAST installations


Input Frequency Range: 11.7 – 12.75 GHz
Output Frequency Range: 1000 – 2050 MHz
Local Oscillator Frequency: 10.7 GHz x 4
Local Oscillator Stability ±1.0MHz max (@25°C), ±2MHz (@-40°C-+60°C)
LO Phase Noise: -50dBc/Hz@1kHz, -75dBc/Hz@10kHz, -95dBc/Hz@100kHz
Noise Figure: 0.8dB (@25°C typ)
Relector Type: Offset
Feedhorn Mounting: 40mm Standard size
Conversion Gain; 58-66dB
Gain Flatness: ±0.5dB/26MHz, ±3dB max./Full Band
Cross Polarity Isolation Typical: 25dB
Image Rejection: 45dB min
Output P1 dB: 0dBm min
Output VSWR in 75Ohms: 2.0:1 max
DC Current Consumption: 160mA type
Polarity Switching Voltage: Vertical 10.5-14V Horizontal: 16-19V
Operating Temperature: -40°C-+60°C
Output Connector: 75Ohm F Type Female x 4

Foxtel Approval F30553



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