Blauhaus 19″ 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel


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Blauhaus 19″ 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel

• ID strips – no need for a labelling machine
• Rear cable management bar
• KATT style termination
• Wiring label for both 568A and 568B wiring formats
• Sturdy metal construction

Standards Compliance

• Fully ACA Compliant (A-Tick)

A data patch panel, also known as a patch panel or network patch panel, is a critical component in data networking infrastructure. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the organization, management, and maintenance of network connections between different devices or equipment.

The main functions and purposes of a data patch panel are as follows:

  1. Cable Management: The patch panel provides a centralized and structured location for terminating network cables, such as Ethernet cables. It helps keep the cables organized and reduces clutter, making it easier to manage and troubleshoot the network.
  2. Network Connectivity: A patch panel serves as an interconnection point between various devices, such as computers, switches, routers, servers, and other networking equipment. Network cables from these devices terminate on the patch panel, enabling seamless connectivity and data transmission within the network.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability: Using a patch panel allows for greater flexibility in network configuration. As network requirements change or new devices are added, administrators can easily re-route, add, or remove connections by simply patching or unplugging cables from the panel, rather than reterminating the entire cable infrastructure.
  4. Simplified Troubleshooting: When there are network connectivity issues, a patch panel simplifies the troubleshooting process. Administrators can quickly identify and isolate problems by checking connections on the panel rather than tracing cables through walls or ceilings.
  5. Redundancy and High Availability: Patch panels can be utilized to create redundancy in network connections. By using multiple patch panels, network administrators can ensure that critical devices have redundant pathways for data transmission, enhancing network availability and reliability.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs: Patch panels allow for easy maintenance and repairs. When a cable or a port becomes faulty, it is simpler to replace a patch cable or a patch panel module than to reconfigure the entire network cabling.

Overall, a data patch panel is an essential component that provides a centralized and organized solution for managing network connections, enabling efficient data transmission, and simplifying network maintenance and troubleshooting.

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