C-Cor FRPD-V2 Line Power Supply


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C-Cor FRPD-V2 Line Power Supply

The C-Cor FRPD-V2 Line Power Supply Ferro Resonant Powering Device (FRPD) is a linear power supply with no active electrical components inside and consists of a ferro-resonant transformer, an AC capacitor and an LED indicator. Capable for supplying 48.5V 60V 90V AC for underground MATV cable systems.

C-Cor FRPD-V2 Line Power Supply is a non-standby system. It is rated to IP33 (refer AS/NZS 3000) and is enclosed in a chromate protected, powder coated, aluminium housing.

The FRPDv2 can be pole, wall or pedestal mounted. It is designed to provide maximum component cooling to address abnormally high thermal environments. It contains vibration absorbing materials to minimise noise and is constructed to the AS/NZS 60950.1:2011 double insulation Class II isolation and Class 180 (Class H) temperature, while meeting all the safety and EMC requirements of the Australian RCM Electrical safety including the harmonic emissions of AS/NZS 61000-3-2: 2013.

Details for FRPD-V2 Line Power System

  • RCM and AS/NZS 61000.3.2:2013 Compliance
  • -40 to 75oC operating temperature
  • Noise dampening design
  • Class 180 (Class H) / Double Insulation Class II
  • 48.5/60VAC output voltage, 15A or 90VAC output voltage, 10A options
  • Pole, Wall and Pedestal Mounting


Rated operating temperature to meet Class H temperature rating according to AS/NZS 60950.1:
-40 to 60°C free air at Full load
-40 to 75°C in pedestal at Full load
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% Non-condensing.

Corrosion Protection (minimum requirements)
Powder Coated, Aluminium 5005 housing with chromate treatment (Alodine), 316 stainless steel components, pickled and passivated for corrosion protection where necessary. The LPS enclosure is designed to withstand a 1000 hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM 117B or meet AS1231 8-hour CASS test in accordance with AS2331.3.3.

Colour: APO Grey
Warranty 3 years
Noise Rating The maximum reading of an A-weighted meter at a radius of one meter from the transformer housing is less than 50dB (A) under conditions of nominal line and full load.
Weather Tightness and Insect Protection: The IP rating is at minimum IP33. All vents and louvers are screened to inhibit entry of insects.
Security: The LPS enclosure is equipped with a quick release,vandal resistant latch with a facility designed to accept a standard padlock to deter unauthorised
Dimensions and Weight Overall dimensions, 372 mm H x 229 mm W x 242mm D (255 mm including mounting bracket). Total weight, excluding shipping container, ~18kg.
Mounting: Aerial and Pedestal Mounting, with options for sideand bottom cable access.


For Full Spec, please see the PDF attached.

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Weight 40 kg