Caravan Antenna & Satellite Cable Solution


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Caravan Antenna & Satellite Cable Solution 


The Direct Connector plugs you into better pictures!

Works with any brand of antenna and retro-fits existing units!
A Direct Connector will put an end to bad connections fromcorrosion and wear. Plus it banishes multiple signal-sappingjoins and connections between the antenna and TV, reducing it to just the one connection.
This all means better quality and more consistent picturesfor your Satellite, Digital, UHF and VHF reception.
Stop messing about with dodgy connections and sort your installation once and for all!

Direct Connector puts an end to:

Corroded/salty/dusty/wet/worn out/loose and poor outside connections.
Banishes signal-sapping cable joins and resultant signal loss.
Only one connection instead of five! (SAVE at least 10db and get yourself off the digital cliff!)

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