Doss LCDP20B Medium Full Motion TV Wall Bracket Mount



Doss LCDP20B Medium Full Motion TV Wall Bracket Mount for 37-85″ 50kgs VESA 600×400

The new Doss LCDP20B TV mount is a medium to large sized full motion TV wall bracket mount. Designed for VESA mount holes up to 600×400, this bracket can withstand 50kgs of weight.


Class: Large
Mount: Wall
Max Weight: 50 kg
Compliance: Vesa,Universal
Vesa sizes (min): 100 x 100 mm
Universal mount (max): 600 x 400 mm
Tilt: 10°
Turn: 90°
Distance from Wall: 66-440 mm
Back Plate Mounting Hole Dimension: 430 (W) mm Max
Material: Steel
Bracket Weight: 5.5 kg
Colour: Black
Warranty: 12 months

Why a full motion bracket?

A full-motion TV bracket, also known as an articulating TV mount, offers several advantages compared to traditional fixed or tilt mounts. Here are some reasons why a full-motion TV bracket can be advantageous:

  1. Flexible viewing angles: The primary advantage of a full-motion TV bracket is its ability to move and adjust the viewing angle. It allows you to tilt the TV up or down, swivel it left or right, and extend it away from the wall. This flexibility ensures that you can find the perfect viewing position from anywhere in the room, reducing glare and improving the overall viewing experience.
  2. Ideal for multi-functional rooms: If you have a room that serves multiple purposes (e.g., living room also used for exercise or gaming), a full-motion TV bracket is beneficial. It lets you easily adjust the TV position depending on the activity, ensuring comfortable viewing for everyone present.
  3. Space-saving: When not in use, a full-motion TV bracket can be pushed back flat against the wall, saving valuable floor space. This feature is particularly useful in smaller rooms or apartments where space optimization is crucial.
  4. Easy access to connections: The ability to pull the TV away from the wall allows for easier access to ports and connections at the back of the television. This makes setting up and troubleshooting devices, such as gaming consoles or sound systems, much more convenient.
  5. Reduced glare and reflections: By tilting and swiveling the TV, you can adjust it to avoid glare and reflections caused by light sources or windows. This ensures that the picture quality remains clear and sharp at all times.
  6. Accommodates different TV sizes: Full-motion TV brackets are designed to support a wide range of TV sizes and weights, making them versatile and suitable for various television models.
  7. Adjust for multiple seating areas: If you have different seating areas in the room, such as a couch and chairs, a full-motion TV bracket enables you to adjust the TV to be visible from different angles, ensuring everyone has a great view.
  8. Enhanced aesthetics: When the TV is not in use, you can push it back against the wall, creating a cleaner and more streamlined look in your living space.

Overall, a full-motion TV bracket offers flexibility, convenience, and improved viewing experiences, making it a popular choice for many households and commercial spaces. However, it’s essential to ensure that the bracket is appropriately installed and can handle the weight of your TV before making a purchase.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg