GME Kingray KDM401 Quad AV SD Digital Modulator


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GME Kingray KDM401 Quad AV SD Digital Modulator

GME Kingray KDM401 Quad AV input digital modulator

The KDM401 is a commercial quality quad AV standard definition modulator with integrated multiplexing to combine all four AV inputs in one RF channel, maximising spectrum efficiency.
Ideal for converting an analogue AV signal either from a satellite decoder, DVD, video surveillance camera or video door phone and modulating it into a digital format (DVB-T) for distribution in a TV cable network.
With intuitive, simple menus, the KDM401 allows quick and easy programming either by the front panel or a computer using the ethernet port. The housing design allows the unit to be professionally mounted in a 19” rack or on a shelf if required.

Quad input AV SD modulator mulitplexed into one RF channel.
Easy to program basic and advanced menus.
Adjustable output level, frequency and offset.
Selectable 2K, 8K carrier.
Adjustable constellation, FEC and guard interval.
Adjustable colour, brightness, contrast and saturation.
Adjustable LCN, PID, SID, NIT, PDS and TS ID.
Programmable channel name.
Variable video and audio bit rates.

In the Box:
Instruction manual
Power lead

Electrical Specifications
Output Frequency Range: 174- 820 MHz (Aust) 470-820 MHz (NZ)
Maximum Output Level: 95 dBuV
Output Signal to Noise: 50dB
Test Point: -30dB
Audio input Level: 0.4-2.5 V p-p
Video Input Level: 0.5-2 V p-p
Channel Bandwidth: 7/8 MHz
Minimum Output Level: 80 dBuV
Modulation Format: COFDM 2K, 8K
Guard Interval: 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Constellation: 16 QAM, 64 QAM
FEC Rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
LCN: Yes
Modulation Error Rate: >42dB
Channel Naming 16 Characters

Mechanical Specifications
19′ Rack Mountable: Yes

Environmental Specifications
Temperature: operating: 0-+45 ° C

Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 110-240 V AC

GME Kingray KDM401 Quad AV SD Digital Modulator

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