Hills BC74279H 2 x 4 Satellite Multiswitch



Hills BC74279H 2 x 4 Satellite Multiswitch

The Hills 2×8 BC74623H is a two input, four output standalone multiswitch for distribution of satellite TV signals.
This Multiswitch can be used with a twin output LNBF to supply signal to up to 4 satellite receivers with horizontal and vertical polarised signals.


• Compact and lightweight
• Earth point attachment
• Output ports one sided
• Digital and analogue compatible
• Power through to LNB
• Easy to install
• European design

Foxtel IPL #F30521
1 Year Warramty


Sat: 950-2050MHz
Gain: 0dB
Current consumption: 100mA
Max Capacity: 400mA

Also available in an 8 output mulitswitch – Hills BC74623H 2 x 8 Multiswitch

Installation Example.

Take a scenario where a customer has both Foxtel IQ and VAST satellite receivers and has a twin output LNBF on a dish..
In this situation, you would run two cables from the LNBF to the Multiswitch. Then two cables from the Multiswitch to the Foxtel IQ and a single cable from the Multiswitch to the VAST receiver.

What is a multiswitch:

A satellite multiswitch is a device used in satellite television distribution systems to allow multiple satellite signals to be distributed to multiple receivers or televisions. Here’s a quick description of how it works:

  1. Input Signals: The multiswitch receives both vertical and horizontal polarised signals from the same satellite broadcast.
  2. Signal Routing: The multiswitch has multiple outputs, each connected to a different receiver or television. It determines which satellite signal is sent to each output based on the LNBF Voltage supplied by the satellite receiver. A receiver on a horizonal channel will output 18V while those on vertical channels will output 13V.
  3. Amplification and Signal Compensation: The multiswitch may also include amplification and signal compensation circuits to ensure that the signals remain strong and clear as they are distributed to each output.
  4. Cascading Capability: In larger installations with more satellite dishes or more outputs, multiswitches can be cascaded or daisy-chained together to expand the system’s capacity. This allows for the distribution of signals from multiple satellites to an even greater number of receivers or televisions.

Overall, a satellite multiswitch simplifies the distribution of multiple satellite signals to multiple destinations, providing flexibility and convenience in satellite television installations.




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