Ikusi AMX-400 4 Input Combiner


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Ikusi AMX-400 4 Input Combiner

Ikusi AMX-400 4 Input Combiner 45-860MHz for application in large ClassA headends where the modules (processors, receivers, transmodulators, modulators, regenerators) are mounted in several deck-arranged rack-frames or baseplates. The AMX-400 is a 4-input combiner that has been designed to combine up to 24 channels (6 channels per input). The system is expandable, so that it is possible to combine up to 96 channels by using 4 AMX-400 and one final passive combiner (or another AMX at IMD decrease’s expense) . The sum of the combined signals is connected to the HPA launch amplifier.


Number of inputs: 4
Frequency band: 47-862MHz
Response flatness: ±1.5dB
Gain: 7dB
IMD for 4×6 Channels 72dBuV input level: -75dB
Output variable attenuator: 0-10dB
INput/Output return loss: >10dB
Power voltage: 12VDC
Consumption: 470mA
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +55°C

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