Ikusi FRD-400 Optical Fibre Receiver


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Ikusi FRD-400 Optical Fibre Reciever

The Ikusi FRD-400 Optical fibre receiver covers 47-2150MHz and is especially designed for the delivery of terrestrial and satellite signals over large collective installations. It features a 119dB­µV (TV) 120dBµV (Sat) output level
1 optical input (1290-1600nm, 1 RF output (45-2150MHz)
Connection of singlemode type optical fibre


Optical Window: -4~+1dBm
Forward RF output frequency : 45-862 (TV) and 950-2150 (Sat IF) MHz
Optical wavelength: 1290 – 1600nm
Optical output return loss  > 50dB
Optical input connector type: SC / APC
RF flatness : ±1.5 (TV) ~ ±2 (IF)dB
RF Output Level: 119dB­µV (TV) 120dBµV (Sat)
CNR: 52.5dB (TV) 36dB (Sat)
Mains Voltage: 230-240VAC
Consumption: 15W
Dimensions: 222x140x44mm

For full specifications see the FRD400 PDF
Or visit Ikusi’s website

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