Ikusi MT-0524 24 Output Multiswitch



Ikusi MT-0524 5 Input 24 Output Satellite TV Multiswitch


Suitable for Foxtel 5 Wire installations
Low cost high performance, proven technology for SMATV distribution
Stand alone Multiswitches for 5-wire system.
Distribution of 4 satellite – IF polarizations and 1 terrestrial signal to 8, 12 ,16, 24, 32 users of satellite systems
Active satellite & terrestrial with continuous gain adjustments.
Satellite path supplied from user receivers. IF polarization switching by voltage/tone.
Terrestrial path supplied from separate DC input or from power on the SA T 1H or 2H inputs with LED indicator .
Sheet metal housing, indoor mounting, wall fixing.
Foxtel Approved

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Weight 2 kg