Ikusi MT-5W15DC 5 Wire 15dB Tap Multitap


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Ikusi MT-5W15DC 5 Wire 15dB Tap Multitap

Application in 5-cable systems.
In multi-taps, sloped response for satellite frequencies.
DC passing between SAT inputs and outputs.
Sheet metal housing.
Indoor mounting.
Wall fixing.


Model: MT-5W15DC
Ref: 52111
PayTV approval: F30419
Trunk Inputs/Outputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Tap Outputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Frequency Range:  TERR: 5-862MHz SAT: 950-2150MHz
Tap Loss: SAT 14-17dB (±0.5) 3dB fixed slope, TERR: 15dB
Trunk Loss: SAT: 1dB  TERR: 1dB
Isolation: >35dB
Rejection: >18dB TERR->SAT
Directivity: SAT: >10dB TERR: >20dB
Return Loss: SAT: >10dB TERR: >13dB
DC pass on Sat trunk paths: 2A max.
DC pass on H tap paths: 0.5A max – switchable
Trunk and Tap connectors: F-Type
Dimensions: 182x123x54mm

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