Kingray MDA15V 15dB VHF Low Noise Mast Head Amplifier



Kingray MDA15V 15dB VHF Low Noise Mast Head Amplifier

Introducting the new Kingray MDA15V 15dB VHF Low Noise Mast Head Amplifier.
Kingray are proud to announce the release of the MDA15 range of low noise masthead amplifiers. The characteristics of the IC selected provide a very low noise figure and an output figure comparable to many distribution amplifiers, hence the name Masthead Distribution Amplifier (MDA). The MDA15 range consists of three models; MDA15V(VHF only), MDA15U (UHF only), and MDA15W (Wideband) our stock numbers 451027,  451028 and 451029 respectively. The range is designed to be powered by a DC power supply, AC power supplies are not suitable. We recommend the use of 14 Volt DC plug pack stock number 451004. Whether the amplifier is used as a Masthead or Distribution Amplifier, the low noise figure, capacity for multiple channels with low distortion and a high output provides a solution for all installations and is proven especially effective in problem reception areas.


Frequency 174 – 230MHz
Gain 15dB
Gain control 10dB
Noise Figure <2.5dB
Output Figure 113dn @ -60dBimr Din 45004 B
Return Loss >10dB
Supply Voltage 12-14V DC Only
Filters 174MHz High Pass, 230MHz Low Pass
Inputs 1

The MDA15V is made in Australia and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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