Kingray MDA22WS Masthead Amplifier



Kingray MDA22WS Shielded Low Noise Masthead Distribution Amplifier

The Kingray MDA22WS is single input low noise wideband VHF/UHF TV masthead distribution amplifier, enclosed in a fully shield die-cast housing, designed to amplify the frequency range of 174~694 MHz and with UHF frequencies above 694 MHz filtered, specifically filtering out 4G/LTE & 5G transmissions. Whether the unit is used as a masthead or distribution amplifier, the low noise figure, capacity for multiple channels with low distortion and a high output has proven to be effective in all installations, especially digital problem areas.

The MDA22 range is based on a concept of convergent technology. The characteristics of the IC selected provides a very low noise figure and output figure that equals our DW32, 113dB @ -60 dB IMR, hence the name Masthead Distribution Amplifier (MDA).

The MDA22WS is powered remotely via either a Kingray PSK06 or PSK06F power supply (sold separately).


Frequency Range:  174-694MHz
Gain: 22dB
Noise Figure: <2.5dB
Output Figure: 113dB @ -60dBIMR DIN 45004 B
Return Loss: >10dB
Supply Voltage: 12-24VDC (PSK06 or PSK06F required but not included)
Inputs: 1

Why use a Masthead Amplifier?

A masthead TV amplifier is used to improve the quality of television signals received by an antenna. Here are a few reasons why you might use a masthead TV amplifier:

  1. Signal Amplification: The primary purpose of a masthead TV amplifier is to boost the strength of the received TV signals. If you live in an area with weak signal reception, using a masthead TV amplifier can enhance the signal strength and improve the overall quality of the received TV channels. This is particularly useful in remote or fringe areas where the broadcast signals are weaker.
  2. Long Cable Runs: In some cases, the cable connecting your antenna to your TV might be quite long. With longer cable runs, the TV signal tends to degrade, resulting in a poorer picture quality. By installing a masthead TV amplifier near the antenna, you can compensate for the signal loss and maintain a strong and clear signal throughout the length of the cable.
  3. Splitting Signals: If you need to distribute the TV signal to multiple televisions or devices, you may need to use a signal splitter. However, splitting the signal weakens it, leading to a degradation in quality. In such scenarios, a masthead TV amplifier can be installed before the signal is split, ensuring that each output receives a stronger signal.
  4. Overcoming Interference: In some cases, interference from nearby buildings, hills, or other electronic devices can disrupt the TV signal. A masthead TV amplifier can help overcome this interference by amplifying the signal and minimizing the impact of external disturbances, resulting in a clearer and more stable reception.

It’s worth noting that while masthead TV amplifiers can be beneficial in certain situations, they are not a universal solution. If you already have a strong signal and good reception quality, using a masthead TV amplifier may not provide any noticeable improvements and could potentially cause signal overload or other issues. It’s important to assess your specific circumstances and consult with a professional if needed before installing a masthead TV amplifier.

About Kingray

Kingray is a proud Australian-owned company established in 1959 by founder Ted Dunn.
Since the distant days of the monochrome VHF service, in fact for almost as long as television has been available in Australia, Kingray have been one of the major players in the TV service industry.
In the 1960s and 70s Standard Communications revolutionised the Australian MATV market with the Kingray range of broadband high power distribution amplifiers.
The success of the Kingray product range evolves from carefully listening to customers, being intimately involved in markets, having the foresight and vision to take a perceived problem, converting it to an opportunity and generating a practical solution.
With the changes in Digital Television technologies, Kingray’s research and development efforts have accelerated to ensure the compatibility of Kingray products and to enhance the range with additional products that meet and surpass customers’ expectations for quality, performance and price.
Sixty years later, Kingray continues to grow today & into the future, with a diversified product range to accommodate a new era of delivering Satellite & TV services over optical fibre cable.
Kingray’s sustaining objective is to provide customers with not just the most appropriate product for the job, but to ensure the ongoing delivery of professional customer service that has become the hallmark of Kingray.

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