PCT PCTF8IG F Type Joiner 3GHz


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Jonsa APFF/FF3 F Type Joiner 3GHz

The Jonsa APFF/FF3 Barrel Joiner 3GHz is ideal for joing two coaxial cables terminated with F-connector. Rated to 3GHz this is ideal for satellite dish cabling.  Bag of 100 units.
Foxtel Approved

Features and Benefits

• 3/8 in. – 32 UNEF thread with 7/16 in. nut
• Minimum return loss: -30 dB thru 1 GHz
• Maximum insertion loss: -0.05 dB thru 1 GHz
• Precision machined port ends for superior mating performance of F-connectors
• Includes patented DSM seizure for superior center conductor retention, reduced common path distortion, and excellent electrical performance
Foxtel Approved F30583

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Single Connector, Pack of 100