Sanus CFR2136 36RU AV Rack



Sanus CFR2136 36RU AV Rack

SANUS Component Series CFR2136 AV rack can support up to 385kgs of AV gear. It comes pre-assembled with blanking panels and vented shelves, which include back stops to ensure AV equipment does not move during use. Quick-release back and side panels allow complete and total access to components and wiring. The rack has two 3U cut-out openings on both top and bottom of the rack as well as a removable 3U panel that can be located above or below the rear rack door for added venting or active cooling flexibility. Swivel casters and adjustable feet allow mobility and stable positioning, and cooling vents on the top and bottom of the rack ensure all equipment stays at the ideal temperature. The CFR2136 comes with additional accessories to gang racks together and to make the side panels lockable.

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: CFR2136
Product Width: 23.60″ / 59.94cm
Product Weight: 177.70lbs / 80.60kg
Package Width: 26.38″ / 67.01cm
Package Height: 66.14″ / 168.00cm
Package Depth: 26.38″ / 67.01cm
Package Weight: 191.49lbs / 86.86kg
Product Weight Capacity: 850.00lbs / 385.55kg
Product Usable Depth: 21.60″ / 54.86cm
Product Usable Width: 19.40″ / 49.28cm
Rack spaces: 36

1U Shelf Width: 17.40 / 44.20cm
1U Shelf Depth: 18.20″ / 46.23cm
1U Shelf Height: 1.75″ / 4.45cm
1U Shelf Weight Capacity: 30.00lbs / 13.61kg
1U Shelf Quantity: 2

1U Blanking Panel Depth: 18.20″ / 46.23cm
1U Blanking Panel Height: 1.75″ / 4.45cm
1U Blanking Panel Quantity: 2

2U Shelf Width: 17.40″ / 44.20cm
2U Shelf Depth: 18.20″ / 46.23cm
2U Shelf Height: 3.50″ / 8.89cm
2U Shelf Weight Capacity: 50.00lbs / 22.68kg
2U Shelf Quantity: 6

2U Blanking Panel Depth: 18.20″ / 46.23cm
2U Blanking Panel Height: 3.50″ / 8.89cm
2U Blanking Panel Quantity: 6



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