Satking 3104 Dual Output C Band LNBF with 5G Filter


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Satking 3104 Twin Output C Band LNBF with 5G Filter

Got interference trouble with C-Band satellite TV? This LNBF is for you. With the spread of wireless signals, NBN and 5G technologies many existing C-Band satellite systems can no longer watch channels like RAI International, RTP and many international TV services due to interference
This LNBF has a special filter on the incoming side to block signals that are just outside the frequency band to restrict incoming signals to only part of the C-Band spectrum.

Perfect replace for existing LNBF’s


  • 5G Filter Built in.
  • Dual Polarity
  • Dual Output
  • Reliable and Very Sensitive
  • Includes Scaler Ring
  • Perfect replacement LNBF when you have interference issues


  • RF Freq: 3.7-4.2 GHz
  • IF Freq: 950-1450 MHz
  • L.O. 5150GHz (x2)
  • Noise: 15°K
  • Gain: 65dB
  • Diameter of LNB Throat: 67mm


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