Starlink Standard (Gen3) Dish Pole Adapter


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Starlink Standard (gen3) Dish Pole Adapter
This pole or pipe adapter is designed for the Gen 3 Standard dish also known as V4.

It is machined from solid aluminium billet and is by far the strongest adapter available in Australia to attach your Starlink Gen 3 Terminal onto any pipe or pole up to 51mm or 2 inch.

Although you can use smaller diameter poles we recommend 40mm – 50mm and an absolute minimum of 32mm for stability of your hardware.

This adapter allows for the cable to either run inside the mast pole or down the outside.

The adapter comes as two parts.  Firstly attach the boss clamp to the universal adapter plate using the included Stainless Steel bolts.

Remove the included kick stand from the Gen 3 Terminal

To run the cable down in inside first thread the Starlink RJ45 plug through the centre of the boss clamp and the adapter plate. Connect to the terminal, then slide the adapter in hard to the back of the mounting point on the terminal.

Secure by tightening the two bolts to the rear of the mounting block locating them in the shallow key slots on the underside of the terminal.

You can now feed the cable down the pole or mast and fasten the terminal and adapter in position using the included Stainless Steel grub screws.

These adapters are made locally in Australia and support Australian jobs.

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