T3 RJ45 Cat6 Snap Plug Open Pass Connector



T3 RJ45 Cat6 Snap Plug Open Pass Connector

The T3 SNAP PLUG™ and SNAP PLUG Tool is designed to simplify the process of terminating RJ45 modular plugs. It is a time-consuming process to assemble traditional RJ45 modular plugs, and the most difficult part would be putting the wire into the conductor in correct order. The thicker the conductor is, the more difficult the job is going to be.

The T3 SNAP PLUG™ enables the conductors to pass through the connector itself, making it a lot easier to verify wiring order before crimp, reducing possible errors and waste of materials.

Ensure you use an open pass RJ-45 crimp tool such as the T3 Snap Crimp Tool or the Hanlong Open Pass Crimp Tool

Pack of 100 connectors

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Weight 0.4 kg

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