Digitek 09ALPF694MA LTE Filter



Digitek 09ALPF694MA LTE Filter

This filter passes all frequencies between 5‐694MHz, all frequencies above 694MHz (Aust channel 51 / NZ channel 48) are attenuated, at 750MHz the filters attenuation is 55dB.

The filter is designed to be installed after the antenna and before any amplifier or splitter in the system. If the filter is required to be installed outdoors it is recommended it be installed inside
either a Kingray MHB or MHB001 weatherproof housing.

Made in Taiwan


Insertion Loss: <2dB
Stop Band attenuation:  >55dB @750MHz
Input & Output connectors: F Type
Dimensions: 13 x 39 mm


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Weight 0.1 kg

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