2.1mm Socket To 2.5mm Plug Adapter


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 2.1mm Socket To 2.5mm Plug Adapter

DC power adaptor. 2.1mm socket to 2.5mm plug. Adaptor shaft length 14mm.

The need to adapt a 2.1mm DC plug to a 2.5mm DC plug arises when the power supply and the device that requires power have different sizes of DC power jacks. DC plugs are used to connect a device to a power source, and their sizes can vary depending on the voltage and current requirements of the device.

A 2.1mm DC plug is smaller in diameter than a 2.5mm DC plug. If a power supply with a 2.1mm DC plug is needed to power a device with a 2.5mm DC jack, an adapter is necessary to make the connection. In this case, a 2.1mm to 2.5mm DC plug adapter can be used to convert the smaller plug size to fit the larger jack size.

It’s important to ensure that the adapter is compatible with the voltage and current requirements of the device, as well as the power supply. Adapters that are not rated for the correct voltage and current can cause damage to the device or even be a fire hazard. It’s always recommended to use adapters that are designed and rated for the specific application.

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