Interchangeable DC Plug


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Interchangeable DC Plug

Interchangeable DC Plug suitable for Doss Switch Mode Power Supply
The marked arrow on the tip will determine if the centre pin is positive or negative. Please ensure this is correct before plugging

Options Available

107201 2.1mm DC Plug Doss PW8026 ID: Ø2.1 mm, OD: Ø5.5 mm, Length: 12mm

107202 2.5mm DC Plug Doss PW8028 ID: Ø2.5 mm, OD: Ø5.5 mm, Length: 12mm

107203 1.1mm DC Plug Doss PW8022 ID: Ø1.1 mm, OD: Ø3.0 mm, Length: 11mm

107204 1.3mm DC Plug Doss PW8033 ID: Ø1.3 mm, OD: Ø3.5 mm, Length: 10mm

107205 1.7mm DC Plug  Doss PW8023 ID: Ø1.7 mm, OD: Ø4.75 mm, Length: 9.5mm

107206 1.7mm DC Plug  Doss PW8025 ID: Ø1.7 mm, OD: Ø4.0 mm, Length: 9.5mm

DC plugs come in different sizes because they are designed to match the varying voltage and current requirements of different electronic devices. The size of a DC plug is determined by its outer diameter, inner diameter, and length.

The voltage and current requirements of a device depend on its power consumption, which is determined by its design, components, and intended use. Different devices require different levels of power, which in turn require different sizes of DC plugs to deliver that power.

In addition to size, DC plugs may also vary in polarity, which determines the direction of current flow. Some devices require a positive polarity while others require a negative polarity, and the plug must match the device’s polarity to function properly.

Overall, the variety of DC plug sizes ensures that different electronic devices can be powered safely and efficiently with the appropriate power supply, reducing the risk of damage or failure due to incorrect voltage or current levels.

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2.5mm, 2.1mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.7mm/4.75mm, 1.7mm/4.0mm