PPC PEBCM2W2P-BL Ethernet Bridge-Wall Plate- 5-1218 MHz, 15VDC Includes mounting bracket requires power source


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PPC PEBCM2W2P-BL Ethernet Bridge-Wall Plate- 5-1218 MHz

The Entry Series® PEBC are devices that transmit and receive Ethernet signals onto coax for distribution throughout a
residence. This avoids the costly expense of rewiring the residence with Ethernet cables.
One PEBC must be installed near where the Ethernet signals are generated. This may be at a Fiber-to-the-Home NIU or a
DOCSIS Cable Modem. At least one other PEBC needs to be installed at the end of a coaxial line at another point in the
residence to create an Ethernet Link. Up to 16 PEBC’s can be interconnected or linked off of one Ethernet source. Each
PEBC can source/sink up to 2Gbps or 1Gbps/Ethernet connector. A 2Gpbs “pipe” can be created by one PEBC which then
can be shared with up to 15 other PEBC’s.
Each PEBC can be either remotely powered over the coax or locally powered. If remotely powered, a power splitter/inserter
will be installed at a central location which is then connected to each of the PEBC’s via a home run connection. It is important
to ensure that there are no splitters connected between the power splitter and the connected PEBC as these devices will
block power from reaching the PEBC. If there is a splitter in a wall that cannot be accessed, the PEBC on that line will have
to be locally powered.

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