Aerial Industries AIDA118 18dB Indoor Amplifier


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Aerial Industries AIDA118 18dB Indoor Amplifier

The Aerial Industries (AI) AIDA118 amplifier boosts TV and radio signals in the VHF and UHF frequency bands to ensure interference free reception. Single output and fully screened, it is suitable for Digital and Analogue Terrestrial television, DAB+ and FM radio signals. Excellent filtering limits ingress of Lte 700 4G cell phone signals above 694MHz and general communications below 88MHz. The amplifier employs an electronic power supply that continually monitors and automatically compensates for mains power fluctuations.


Frequency Range 88 to 694MHz
Passes Televsion DAB+ FM, Bands II + III + UHF
Gain: 18dB
Flatness: ±2.0dB
Return Loss:  10dB typical
Lte 4G & Communications Rejection: >40dB
Noise Figure: <3.5dB
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Max Output Level 103dBμv (IMA3-60dB, EN50083-5)
Power 85–265V @ 50Hz, <15mA
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