Hills Antenna 01DY6A-4G 6 Element VHF Yagi TV Antenna


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Hills Antenna 01DY6A-4G 6 Element VHF Yagi TV Antenna

Hills Antenna DY6A 6 Element VHF Antenna with integrated 4G Low Pass Filter is a high-performance VHF antenna featuring 6 elements and an integrated 4G Low pass filter designed for optimal signal reception which ensures clear and reliable VHF reception while minimizing intereference from 4G signals. Ideal for areas where both VHF and 4G signals coexist. The antenna provides robust solution for enhanced television and radio reception.


  • 4G/LTE>694Mhz filter included
  • Matched balun for best MER performance and lowest insertion loss
  • Square aluminium boom for strength and light weight
  • Unique interlocking clip to ensure positive conneciton of the elements to the to boom
  • Extruded Element design for added strength
  • Integral balun housing with sealing rubber cable boot
  • UV stabilised plastics
  • F-Type connectors ensure greater screening and consistency of connection
  • Fold out element design for easy assemble
  • Frequence Response: VHF Channel 6-12
  • Forward Gain (Avg): 8.1dB
  • Max 4G Rejection (@730Mhz) -47.7dB

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