Hills 14BGMGAL2 Antenna Gutter Mount


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Hills 14BGMGAL2 Antenna 2 Piece FTA 1.8M Antenna Gutter Mount

This Hills Antenna Gutter Mount is designed to bolt to rafter and sit above the gutter. Suitable for Tile Roofs.


  • 25mm diameter mast
  • Pre galvanised mast and hot dip galvanised foot

For a satellite gutter mount, please visit here

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About Hills Antenna & TV Systems

For over 70 years, Hills Antenna & TV Systems have been at the forefront of antenna design and manufacture in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout that time, Hills is proud to have been a leader in delivering innovative technology products and service solutions that connect, entertain, and secure the lives of everyday people.

Proudly an Australian owned company with its products made in Australia, Hills have grown since its humble beginnings prior to broadcasting the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Now with a range of associate companies and joint ventures such as partnership with Bitek, the Hills brand has steadily expanded their scope of work and activities to become a market leader in antennas and communications.

Located in Adelaide, the Hills Antenna manufacturing and R&D facility produces their quality products with state of the art modelling, software, and hardware solutions. Both the manufacturing and the design and development processes are accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Standard. Hills works in manufacturing satellite technology, premium antennas, and more solutions for the best distribution of video and audio information.

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