Hills Antenna FB607237A 600mm Gutter Mount



Hills Antenna FB607237A Satellite Gutter Mount

The Hills Antenna FB607237A 600mm 65cm N4 gutter mount mount is suitable for all domestic installations. It is the perfect solution for installers who are not able to mount a satellite directly on the roof due to safety reasons.


  • Designed to be an easily installed mount using only a ladder at the edge of the roof, making it a safer install option
  • For use with a timber framed roof and can cope with differences in rafter spacing width
  • For use with a 65cm Hills satellite dish or NBN fixed wireless in W50 regions A/B
  • Suitable in all Australian regions except C3 cyclone areas
  • Can be adapted for metal framed rooves using FB607227 (65cm adapter kit)
  • Maximum roof slope 30 degrees, maximum roof height 8.5m above ground level, minimum rafter spacing width 450mm, maximum rafter spacing width 625mm
  • Foxtel Approved IPL #F30569
  • NBN APL Approved – MA-2018-000019

Please note: As per contractual requirements only products on the NBN approved price list can be used on the NBN Fixed Wireless project.


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Weight 20 kg