Ikusi TPC-010D Digital Channel Processor


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Ikusi TPC-010D Digital Channel Processor

Ikusi Reference 3842

The Ikusi Agile Digital Channel Processing Modules, usable either as channel converters (output channel is different to input channel) or as channel processors (output channel is the same as input channel). Adjacent channel operation at input and output.

A TPC headend includes:
As many TPC Digital Channel Processing Modules as channels to be converted or processed.
One HPA Amplifier that amplifies the sum of the combined output TV channels from the processors.
One or more CFP Power Supplies
One or more Rack Frames or wall fixing Base-Plates. The base-plates can be joined horizontally.
Usually, housing units for the base-plates
If the headend is large, one or more AMX-400 combiners.

Functional Description of the TPC Processors.
In a TC module can be distinguished three main sections:
a) Input Channels -> IF conversion. Includes a delayed AGC circuitry that operates in the 50-90dBmV (analogue) or 40-80dBmV (digital) input level ranges
b) IF Filtering. A double SAW filter is used, what provides very high selectivity (>70dB at ±5.25MHz from the centre for 8MHz wide channels)
c) IF -> Output Channel conversion. The output level  can be adjusted between 65-80dBmV

Programming of a TPC processor involves the following selections and settings
-Input Frequency. Is the picture carrier for analog channel and the central frequency for digital channels.

– AGC on/off. The automatic gain control must be switched off for system L channels.
– Manual Gain Control, only if the AGC function has been disabled.
– IF bandwidth. Two options: 7 or 8 MHz
– Output Frequency. Same indications sated above for input frequency
– RF output level. 15dB adjustable

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