Ikusi HTL-STC Dual Universal Tuner Transmodulator

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Oct21: The Ikusi HTL-STC has been discontinued. For an equivalent product please see the Ikusi HTI-424 Transmodulator. Please note the HTI-424 will require a different baseplate & power supply to the HTL-STC


PDF – HTL-STC installation guide 
PDF- HTL-STC Spec Sheet


Ikusi HTL-STC Dual Universal Tuner Transmodulator


• Dual Tuner
• Output 2 COFDM or QAM selectable channels
• Versatile transmodulation of DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2 and DVB-C channels to DVB-T/DVB-C channels.
• The HTL-STC module can receive 2 DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2 or DVB-C mixes and combine them on 2 DVB-T or DVB-C output channels.
• One module acts as the “master” to ensure the configuration (remote or local through PC) is carried out at the complete head-end level, through the IKUNET bus and not module by module.
• The Wizard installation assistant allows us to carry out a step-by-step headend configuration that is quick and easy.
• It has a Common Interface (EN 50221) for discretional decryption of programs in accordance with the inserted CAM module.
• It allows a future increase in services to be foreseen in order for the televisions to have them already on their lists, avoiding the need for re-tuning.
• It allows a video service to be sent with several different languages without taking up more space than that corresponding to an RF channel. The television shows “a program” for each language, avoiding the need for users to have to choose their “language” on the television remote control.
• It is compatible with the PC application: “IKUSI HEADEND DISCOVERY” This instrument provides installers with a tool that allows them to detect the headend’s modules without having to  modify the PC’s network configuration. (This can be downloaded from www.ikusi.tv).
• It allows grids of channels to be created and managed remotely, ensuring that the grid is completely customizable without having to intervene in-situ.
• The two DVB-T/C output channels can be distributed onto any part of the band.
• Total control of the multiswitch. Fitted with DiSEqC

For full specifications, please see the PDF attached.


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