Jonsa 85cm Satellite Dish



Jonsa 85cm Satellite Dish

The Jonsa 85cm Satellite Dish Boxed is a Jonsa model SDJ85 85cm Offset Satellite Dish and is an approved dish for Foxtel reception country areas south of the 26th parallel. With the correct LNB and where necessary multiswitch this dish can also be used for reception of VAST services along with Foxtel.
This dish comes in one cardboard box.
Foxtel Approval No. F30126

Pack Options
205018: 1 Dish Loose (from a crate) Pickup only. No Shipping
205008: 1 dish in a box


Type: Offset
Offset Angle: 24.62°
Diameter: 85cm horizontal, 93.5cm vertical
Effeciency: 75% min.
Gain (@12.50GHz): 39.34dBi
F/D Ratio: 0.6
Focus Length: 510mm
Material: Galvanised Steel with polyester power coating finish
Colour: Dark Grey

Adjustment Type: Az/El
Material: Galvanised Steel with polyester power coating finish
Elevation: 12°-70°
Pole Diameter: 32-50mm

Foxtel Approval No. F30126

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Single Loose, Single Boxed

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