Jonsa DS/MS Foxtel Satellite Multistacker


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Jonsa DS/MS FOXTEL Approved Satellite Multistacker is a standalone device that can be installed directly after a twin or quad  LNBF. It is typically installed before the first distribution point in the SMATV system.  4x Satellite IIF nputs with 1x STACKED Output

It combines 2 horizontal & 2 vertical satellite services from 2 orbital locations and combines them on a single RF cable so that a single RF input port on an IQ3 or later STB can receive the signals.

The Multistacker has 4 input ports which cater for low & high band signals.

From left to right

Port 4 v = 13 volts (Current Foxtel V pol services)
Port 3 H = 18 volts (Current Foxtel H pol services)
Port 2 VL = 13 volts plus 22 KHz (future satellite)
Port 1 HL = 18 volts plus 22 KHz (future satellite)
The multistacker has 2 ports on the bottom.

Port 1 Stacked satellite output port with the option of line powering via a 12/18 volt DC power injector and power pack.
Port 2 local powering via a 12/18volt DC power pack.
Due to the design of the multistacker there is no headend set up procedure, the Foxtel N.I.T (Network Information Table) is updated which informs the SMS what frequencies to tune to in the same way a FOXTEL STB is updated in the field. The installation method for a large variety of building has now become more simplified, such as;

Domestic homes that are difficult to re-cable.
MDU’s listed as “non-homes passed” which have been difficult to cable due to cabling access.
MDU lite buildings that are H polarity only cabled.
Twin backbone no PVR buildings with single laterals.
Single wired Commercial Buildings.
Single wired residential Estates including RF or Optical distribution.

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