Kingray DW42 Terrestrial TV Distribution Amplifier


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Kingray DW42 Terrestrial TV Distribution Amplifier

The GME Kingray DW42 Distribution Amplifier is an F Type 42dB distribution amplifier designed for separate VHF or UHF antennas or a combined antenna via a switch at the input. The DW42 can be remotely powered via the output. Now includes a -30 dB test point. Packed without power a supply.

GME Kingray’s DA and DW series distribution amplifiers have been designed to suit our current digital TV environment. The technology uses hybrid bipolar and GaAs, which allows for a greater output capacity, whilst having a lower noise figure. The amplifiers contain midstage gain controls, a number of flexible powering options and are built in a fully shielded die-cast housing.

A PSK12S, PSK12F, PSK18S or PSK18F is required, but not included.

Frequency Range 44-144, 176-300 470-860
Maximum Gain (dB) 35-37 40
Inputs 1, 2 or Comb 1, 2 or Comb
Noise Figure (dB) <6 <6
Gain Control (dB) 20, 20 20
Power Supply (PSK#) (not included) 12SF or 18SF 12SF or 18SF
Current 100 100
Test Point -30 dB -30 dB
Output Figure DIN45004B (uV) 118 118

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