Kingray MHV25F 25dB VHF Masthead Amplifier



Kingray MHV25F 25dB VHF Masthead Amplifier

The MHV25F is the latest edition to the Kingray Edge series, designed for todays digital television environment, specifically for areas where there is VHF transmission only.
The Band 1,2,4 and 5 filtering ensure only channels 6 to 12 are amplified, eliminating all unwanted frequencies including those in the LTE band.
The Kingray Edge series has been engineered to provide a future proof solution with LTE/4G filtering to maximise interference rejection.
The Edge series is designed to meet the needs of the television reception industry now and well into the future.

VHF amplifier
Single input
LTE filtering
Band 1 and 2 filtering
VHF gain control
F type connections
100% weatherproof case

Frequency Range:174 – 230 MHz
Maximum Gain: 25 dB
Gain Control Range: 10 dB
Maximum Output Level: 105 dB DIN45004B @ (-60 dB)
Noise Figure: 2.5 dB
LTE Filter: -25 dB @ 750 MHz
Low Band Filter -25 dB
Input Connector: F Connector
Output Connector: F Connector
Suitable plug pack PSK08/F, PSK06/F (not included)
Power Consumption 80mA

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Weight 1 kg