Kingray MHW35FS 35dB Shielded Masthead TV Amplifier



Kingray MHW35FS 35dB Shielded Masthead TV Amplifier

2 Input Shielded F Type 35dB masthead amp designed to amplify  UHF signals and diplex a separate VHF signal or amplify the UHF component of a combined VHF UHF aerial. Packed without Power Supply. Select power injector from stock number  451004, 451008 or 451042 .

Kingray MHW35FS Shielded F Type Masthead Amplifier.
A masthead amplifier is designed to amplify low signal levels for both analogue and digital applications.

This high quality Australian Made product is specifically designed for rejection of the Australian LTE band. (LTE bands vary slightly from country to country)

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the term now used by the TV industy to describe the frequency band between 700 and 800 MHz that was once use by the UHF TV channels 51 to 69.

Mobile telephone companies are now using the 700 to 800 MHz band for 4G phone service. It is now very important when using a mast head amplifier to use a product with LTE filtering to minimize the impact of these new phone services on TV reception




Frequency Range (Link A)
VHF:   44-230MHz
UHF: 520-820MHz
Freqency Range (link D)

VHF: 174-230MHz

UHF: 520-694MHz

Max Gain
VHF: 22-26dB
UHF: 35dB
Noise Figure
VHF: <3dB
UHF: <2.5dB
Output Figure
108dB DIN45004B @ (-60dB IMR)
Gain Control Range
VHF: Tilt Control 16-12dB
UHF: 15dB
Supply Voltage (not included)
PSK08/F: 17.5VAC &
PSK06/F: 14VDC @ 80mA
Pager Filter
-25dB @ 148MHz
FM Filter
-25dB @ 88-108MHz
Band 1 filter -30dB @ 44MHz




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