One OPFIX Fixed Frame Projection Screen

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One OPFIX Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Fixed Frame Projection Screens are among the most popular projection screens. The OPFIX series is perfect for your home theater setup, business meetings and more! With its 16:9 screen format, enjoy the view from any angle. The projector screen features a 1.1 gain reflectivity, enhancing the movie watching experience. The amazing quality of the OPFIX screen’s reflective properties bring the vibrant colours to life and high-resolution images produced by your projector.

OPFIX screens are easy to install and can be assembled with just one person. The screen’s frame is constructed from strong aluminium allow with light-absorbing, projection fabric and black velvet material for spectacular viewing images. The screen easily attaches to the frame, creating just the right amount of tension on the screen, preventing any wrinkles.

Product Information

OPFIX100  SKU 477001, Width: 237.3cm, Height: 140.5cm, Diagonal: 254cm (100inches)  Depth: 4.2cm Weight: 9kgs
OPFIX110  SKU 477002, Width: 260cm, Height: 153cm, Diagonal: 279cm (110inches)  Depth: 4.2cm Weight: 9.5kgs
OPFIX120  SKU 477003, Width: 282cm, Height: 165cm, Diagonal: 307cm (120inches)  Depth: 4.2cm Weight: 12kgs
OPFIX130  SKU 477004, Width: 304cm, Height: 178cm, Diagonal: 330cm (130inches)  Depth: 4.2cm Weight: 14kgs
OPFIX140  SKU 477005, Width: 326cm, Height: 190cm, Diagonal: 356cm (140inches)  Depth: 4.2cm Weight: 15kgs

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

100", 110", 120", 130", 140"