Remote Control Unit RCU for Altech UEC VAST set top box satellite receiver



Remote Control Unit RCU for Altech UEC DSD VAST set top box satellite receiver

This is a genuine Altech UEC remote control unit for the following models

Altech UEC DSD4121 VAST Satellite Receiver*
Altech UEC DSD4121PVR VAST Satellite Receiver
Altech UEC DSD4121RV VAST satellite receiver
Altech UEC DSR4639 VAST satellite receiver (with the latest software)
Altech UEC DSD4921RV satellite receiver
UEC DSD5000 satellite receiver

* The original remote control for the DSD4121 is no longer available. This remote control is it’s replacement. It has a few extra PVR buttons, but every button on the original can be found on this one.

If this remote control does not immediately work, please power off the satellite receiver and power back on. This will reset the IR codes.



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