Ikusi HTL-TT2 DVB-T Transmodulator Regenerator

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PDF: Spec Sheet for HTL-TT2
For programming you will need a laptop and Ikusi Discovery app.
(The SPI-300 is will not work)

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Ikusi HTL-TT2 DVB-T Transmodulator Regenerator

Ikusi offers the only tested solution to convert MPEG4 HD format into MPEG2 SD format. The HTL-TT2 module allows using existing legacy SD TV
sets once the new HD DTT arrives.
– Right solution
With Ikusi transcoding solution, you don’t have to change the existing legacy SD TV sets and you can continue watching the
latest content. Ikusi headend gives you the time you need to decide when and how to upgrade your TV devices.
– Experience and reliability
Ikusi is the European leader in hospitality market and more than 3.000 sites have our solution installed, many with more
than 4 years of continuous service. During this time, our solution has faced many signalling changes and has adapted its
configuration to all of them automatically. Our installers can be confident because they don’t need to rely on new and untested
– Evolving solution
We continue developing transcoding solution and adding new features to our headend. All these coming features will be at
your disposal free of charge. For example, DVB-C output has been recently implemented.
To upgrade your headend, you just need to visit our website, download the latest firmware version and install it. 100% free.
The HTL-TT2 module is able to receive services from 2 different input muxes and to combine them into a single DVB-T output.
It can manage both HD and SD services in MPEG4 H.264 or MPEG2. One of the modules in each headend is designated the master module. Having a
single configuration interface simplifies setup and maintenance. The headend is managed as a whole instead of module by module.


Model HTL-TT2
Ref. 3859
Standard EN 300 744 DVB-T ; EN 302 755 DVB-T2


No. of inputs 1 (dual tuner)
Frequency band MHz 470 – 700
No. tuned programs
-If transcoder activated, treatment capacity is limited to 4 channels and up to 8 audio streams.
-If transcoder deactivated, treatment capacity is limited only by output bitrate. Typically up to
31 Mbps for DVB-T and up to 55 Mbps for DVB-C.
-Transcoder does not treat subtitles HD to subtitle SD.
Input level dBμV 40 – 92
Input loop gain dB 0 (±1)

TS Processing

PSI/SI adaptation Generating and inserting tables PAT, PMT, CAT, SDT, NIT, TOT and BAT
NIT (Network Information Table) adaptation Yes (generated automatically)
SDT (Service Description Table) adaptation Yes (configurable name input)
Processing LCN, TDT, TOT Yes


Supported usecases *
1080i mpeg4 > 576i mpeg2
576i mpeg4 > 576i mpeg2
mpeg I layer II passthrough
AC3 > mpeg I layer II
AC3Plus > mpeg I layer II


No. of outputs 2 channels DVB-T / DVB-C
Frequency band MHz DVB-T: 47 – 862
DVB-C: 47 – 862
MER dB > 40
Output level dBμV 80
Adjustable output level dB -15
Output bandwidth MHz 6 / 7 / 8
Output loop step attenuation dB 1.1

Configuration PC. Web, Ikusi Headend Discovery – This unit will not work with the SPI-300 programmer.
Firmware upgrade Web interface
Supply voltage VDC +12
Consumption A 2
Operating temperature º C 0 … +45
IKUNET bus connector 2x RJ-45
Dimensions mm 230 x 195 x 32

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