Ikusi SPI-300 Programming Unit


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Ikusi SPI-300 Programming Unit

Ikusi SPI-300 Programming Unit for programming the Class A modules. Cable connection to the BB-9 front panel socket
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Pay TV Approved: F30019
For programming the ClassA modules. Cable connection to the BB-9 front panel socket.
20 x 4 character alphanumerical display. Numerical and function keys.
Microprocessor controlled. User friendly software. Built-in diagnostic and error identification. Module firmware update. Firmware of the SPI-300 can also be updated through a PC.
Capacity of 500 preset memory allocations for repetitive ClassA module configurations.
No battery required. Power through the interface lead (max consumption: 150mA). DC jac to connect a +15VDC voltage from an auxiliary power supply when updating the internal firmware through a PC.

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