Kingray KRH100 TV Regenerating Headend


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Kingray KRH100 TV Regenerating Headend

Introducing the Kingray KRH100 TV Headend. An all-in-one compact headend, capable of receiving 4 individual services, terrestrial, satellite or cable and converting them to either 4 x DVB-T or DVB-C RF Output channels.

It supports “pool” technology, meaning the user can select any program from any of the 4 inputs and assign them to any of the 4 RF output channels. The Kingray KRH100 TV Headend is more than just a FTA headend, as it can regenerate signal with a poor MER level as well as a poor digital power input level.

The embedded web server of the KRH100 provides a very user-friendly interface and with the LAN input you can access the device locally or remotely.

Its compact size and its powerful features make the KRH100 the ideal solution to distribute FTA (Free-To-Air) TV programs from satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) or cable (DVB-C) sources to a CATV output using DVB-T or DVB/C.

Key Features

  • Input: 4 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C
  • Output: 1 x RF output containing up to 4 x DVB-T/C channels (software selectable)
  • Input Frequency Range: 174~862MHz (DVB-T/T2/C) & 950~2150MHz (DVB-S/S2)
  • Output Frequency Range: 174~862MHz (DVB-T/C)
  • Maximum Output Power Level: 90dB
  • MER Output: >42dB
  • Dual Power Supply: 1 + 1 backup
  • 5 Years Warranty on the main unit, 2 Years Warranty on the power supply
  • Power Consumption: 1.8A maximum
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC 2.5A

    In the box

    • KRH100
    • 1 x 12V DC Power Supply

For a Standard Terrestrial service (5 Frequencies), 2 x KRH100 are required.

About Kingray

Kingray is a proud Australian-owned company established in 1959 by founder Ted Dunn.
Since the distant days of the monochrome VHF service, in fact for almost as long as television has been available in Australia, Kingray have been one of the major players in the TV service industry.
In the 1960s and 70s Standard Communications revolutionised the Australian MATV market with the Kingray range of broadband high power distribution amplifiers.
The success of the Kingray product range evolves from carefully listening to customers, being intimately involved in markets, having the foresight and vision to take a perceived problem, converting it to an opportunity and generating a practical solution.
With the changes in Digital Television technologies, Kingray’s research and development efforts have accelerated to ensure the compatibility of Kingray products and to enhance the range with additional products that meet and surpass customers’ expectations for quality, performance and price.
Sixty years later, Kingray continues to grow today & into the future, with a diversified product range to accommodate a new era of delivering Satellite & TV services over optical fibre cable.
Kingray’s sustaining objective is to provide customers with not just the most appropriate product for the job, but to ensure the ongoing delivery of professional customer service that has become the hallmark of Kingray.

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