Kingray SAT25S Satellite Distribution Amplifier



Kingray SAT25S Satellite Distribution Amplifier

The Kingray SAT25s Satellite Distribution Amplifier has a single F Type Input capable of powering both vertical and horizontal LNBs simultaneously via the on board regulator.
The SAT25S is a single input, F-Type satellite distribution amplifier typically used in SMATV multiple dwelling applications. It features high output with adjustable gain and equalisation control. The amplifier is designed to be powered by an 18 volt DC power supply, such as the Kingray PSK18S or PSK18F. The SAT25S can be either locally or remote powered.

Key Features

  • Frequency Range 950-2400 MHz
  • 25dB Maximum Gain
  • 10dB Gain Control
  • 15dB Equalisation Control
  • Single Satellite Input & Output
  • High Return Loss
  • Noise Figure <10dB
  • High Output Figure of 112dB IMR3 (DIN45004B)
  • Connectors: F-Type
  • Operating Temperate: -10 to 50 degrees C
  • Power Consumption: 260 – 410 mA (Depending on LNB current drain)
  • Operating Voltage: 18V DC
  • Suitable Power Supply: PSK18S or PSK18FIn the box
    • SAT25S
    • Installation Manual
    • 2 Mounting Screws



Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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